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Mixing dyes - Compound Creams

Via Ugo la Malfa, 34 | 25124 |Brescia (BS) Italy

Mixer Dye - Mix Creme

UNIMIX is based on Reverse Engineering Technology: This technology reproduces the mixing systems and temperature 36/38 used during the manufacturing phase of the coloring cream.
Easy to use UNIMIX provides a fast and accurate preparation, a result obtained thanks to the heat range, the tray made from passivated stainless steel 316L (the same league as the big industrial mixers) fitted with Plexiglass and mixer lid It reproduces the automated mixing system. This allows the perfect homogenization of the pigments, the active ingredients and carriers of the formula.


Mixer Dye - Mix Creme

Via Ugo La Malfa 34
25124 Brescia