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Via Muracciola, 2/f | 00036 | Palestrina (RM), Italy | +39.06.94771137 | +39.06.94770625

Professional System



Born from twenty years of experience of its founders, Xnail is proposed in the complex world of nail with a simple but effective. Collaborate with stakeholders. Distributing products and quality tools at an affordable price; providing at the same time, advice and ongoing updates on new market trends.
In addition, qualified teachers, held periodically at its headquarters and training on the use of updated products and techniques of nail.
Dynamic range of references.

This is the philosophy of Xnail. A network of distribution and ongoing monitoring will ensure the satisfaction of products and set up, quickly, the inclusion of new products, constantly updating catalog. But is particularly Xnail warranty, all products distributed, in fact, are manufactured in Europe under the supervision of the Competent Authority and are accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health.


Professional System

Via Muracciola 2/f
00036 - Palestrina - Roma - Italy
Tel. +39 06 94771137

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